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Buffalo’s Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Retexture Experts

If you’re living in a home built in the 1950s all the way down to the 1980s, there are chances you still have the once-famous but now unpopular popcorn textured ceiling from that era as your overhead. Back in the day, acoustic ceilings were famous because they could absorb noise and conceal the imperfection beneath the roof. Now, it’s considered out of style and moribund; you wouldn’t find it in modern homes. No one wants a notorious dust aggregator over their heads that perform poorly against moisture. It even begins to look off-color or scruffy after some time. The more complicated part you wouldn’t even like is the cleaning process – it is damn hard to clean.

Unfortunately, this bumpy-textured upper interior surface is still a part of many old homes in Buffalo, New York, and its neighborhoods. It’s not difficult to find out why- the removal process can be messy, daunting, and hazardous.

So, you’ve got a grubby stipple ceiling needing retexturing or repair ASAP? Or you’re sick of the whole thing and want to take it down altogether! You are probably at that point where you just want to take off the old ragged thing by yourself. While that might be an option, it’s best you let a popcorn removal company do the job. This isn’t just about the difficulty of the task; there are asbestos-related safety concerns best handled by experts.
Whether you want complete ceiling removal, surface scraping, retexturing, or drywall finishing, you’re in luck! We’ve done it all, and we are proud of our successes.

We can help you modernize your home and achieve your decorative ideas on a budget. Trust us; it won’t even take long before we complete the project and you begin enjoying your home again.

Let Our Contractors Modernize That Ugly Ceiling!

Worried about getting a hassle-free ceiling remodeling! We’ve got ya… Our competent team offers exceptional popcorn ceiling removal services to serve your needs and give your home that sleek and modernized feel.

Why choose us! One of the merits of working with professionals like Buffalo Popcorn Removal Co. is how we conduct our operations. You are guaranteed a much quicker and cleaner ceiling and drywall repair than you will find anywhere else in Buffalo NY.

Unlike other popcorn ceiling removal companies that are selective with the ceiling and wall repair jobs they take on, we do small, medium-scale, and large projects. Whether you want a clean strip popcorn removal for every section in your home or a dry wall repair for just a room, it is our specialty; we will always take it up and deliver stunning results.

In our years of experience, we’ve perfected the art of removing popcorn ceiling and refinishing the surface left behind in a timely, neat, and cost-effective manner. Before kickstarting any removal process, we first inspect the ceiling to determine its build material, location, and appropriate treatment method. We seal off the ceiling repair area to protect your furniture and floor and keep other parts of your home or office clean and dust-free.

Next is our professional popcorn ceiling scraper, which removes the stipple surfaces and prims the layer beneath. After removing the acoustic layer, we will repair, replace or retexture the surface, leaving your home with a desirable and sleek ceiling finish.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to vacate your home while we go about doing our job because we use only premium, low-odor, and eco-friendly materials that guarantee the safety of the environment. But suppose you like to take some time away. In that case, you could visit the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, Forest Lawn Cemetery, and Canalside or take the kids on a history ride at the Buffalo bike tours.
Other attractions to explore in the city include the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo Zoo & Delaware Park, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site, Burchfield Penney Art Centre, Shea’s Performing Arts Centre, St. Joseph’s Cathedral from the 1800s, Sahlen Field, and Alfred Bossom’s Liberty Building.

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Just search “popcorn ceiling removal services near me”, and you’re bound to find us!

Getting rid of old-fashioned stipple ceiling can significantly increase the interior aesthetics of your home and make it look brighter while also giving it a clean and modern feel. Homeowners of the 21st century kinda prefer a smooth-looking ceiling with an elegant feel. So, if their choice apartments have popcorn ceilings, they always want to take them out.

So, if, as a property owner, you are selling a house with popcorn textured ceilings, replacing them easily drives up the value of your home. Sure, you don’t wanna sell on a cheap.

Maybe you don’t want your acoustic ceiling removed but still want your home to look good; we’ve got something for you too. Luckily, there are a variety of inexpensive options to revitalize the upper interior and exterior surfaces of your residential or commercial property. These alternatives include drywall over popcorn ceiling, paint patterns, wood panels, and fiberboard planks – just name it, and our professionals will help you make the best choice that suits your budget.

We believe your home’s ceiling deserves as much attention as you give your floors and walls. Right!
So, you’ve got ideas and want your apartment to evince your style. Look no further than us for expert ceiling and wall repair services that will leave your space updated and popping.

Ready to start the project!
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Popcorn Texture Ceiling Removing, Reconditioning, and Resurfacing

The cost of getting rid of your stipple ceiling will vary with the size of your project. Obviously, larger spaces will cost far more than a small room. The larger the number of rooms needing a ceiling repair, the more cost you incur. 

Remember that we will first have our professionals assess your home before kickstarting the removal process. This enables us to understand what’s going on with you and the needs of your home. During the inspection, you can ask specific questions about cost and also ask for a removal quote.

To find out more about the cost of our popcorn ceiling removal service, contact our remodeling experts today.

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  • We are a customer-oriented company, and you come first. Not us, but you always.
  • With several years of valuable experience, we consider ourselves the best in the game.
  • We’ve got the personnel and the equipment to execute a clean job.
  • Our professionals have seen it all, and they know the best way to remove popcorn ceiling.
  • We can repair drywall defects, including holes and patches of any dimension.
  • Is it ceiling retexturing, filling, patching, or painting? We can do those too.

Our knowledgeable ceiling repair crew and drywall experts are committed to completing your project right the first time. We operate with safety at heart and keep your space tidy throughout the process. 

Talk about sticking to timelines! We have mastered the art of timely project completions. 

With great pride taken in a job done right, we will meet and exceed your expectations — no delays and no bad jobs either.

Which Areas of Town Do You Serve?

We are based out of New York’s second-largest city, Buffalo, and we serve clients in and around the city for the most part. However, our services are not limited to Lake Erie’s eastern end; we also serve the city’s neighborhoods, including Allentown, North Buffalo, Black Rock, University Heights, North Park, Hamlin Park Historic District, Riverside, and Kensington.

We can also reach clients in Fruit Belt, Broadway-Fillmore, First Ward, Kaisertown, Elmwood Village, Lower West Side, Schiller Park, Lovejoy, Kenfield, MLK Park, South Ellicott, Genesee Moselle, South Abbott, Grant Ferry, Larkinville, Cheektowaga, and Abbott Mckinley.

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Trust us to give you professional advice on what your interior and exterior ceiling surface truly needs.
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